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 Staff Members and other Special Groups

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Staff Members and other Special Groups Empty
PostSubject: Staff Members and other Special Groups   Staff Members and other Special Groups Icon_minitime12/4/2008, 9:47 pm

Staff Members and other special Groups

This is a small guide on Staff Positions and players responsibilities. This should clear things up for everyone concerned about what each staff position is responsible doing.

Super Administrators: This group is the ones in control of running and managing the forums and server. If you have found any ‘major’ problem regarding the server, we ask for you to please contact a member of this group. This group is also able to IP Mute and IP Ban. Members of Group:

Owner/Lead Coder

My position is to make sure the server is always to be running, and fix any problems with the server. I am also the one to determine the updates, and make sure ALL staff members are doing what they should. I am the one who says ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to “PeeKay” about who should be a new ‘staff member’. Also the only player who is able to trade ‘Spawned Items’ besides the account controlled by all Super Administrators named “TimeScape”.


PeeKay’s responsibility is to ensure all ‘Donators’ get taken care of as far as “Items” and “Status” wise is concerned. Not only will I, but he will also be the one who controls the account “TimeScape” which will be the account to give out the items that donators desire to purchase. He is both In-Game Manager, and Forum Manager. He is also the only other player who has full access to the “Forum Control-Panel”. Therefore, he is able to do near everything that Matthew is able to, including rolling back Characters.

Administrators: This group is the ones who make sure the Moderators are doing as they should. They are both Forum and In-Game Administrators; they are not capable of spawning, so I ask you to please not bug these individuals about doing so. These members are capable of banning and IP muting users. These players will be wisely chosen from the Moderator Group.

Members- None

Global Moderators: This group is both In-Game Moderators and Forum Moderators. They have achieved this rank from being both In-Game Moderator, and Forum Moderator and being responsible at these roles. These players have the responsibility of both In-Game and Forum Moderators.

Head Global Moderator- None

Members- None

In-Game Moderators: This group is responsible for keeping the “Time-Scape Server” clean of rule breakers. They are capable of Muting and Jailing and WILL notify a higher rank if needed for further actions. These are the ones to contact about in-game questions and other players abusing the rules in-game. These players will be chosen wisely.

Members- None

Forum Moderators: This group is able to Lock, Edit, and Sticky other threads. They will also be the ones who keep the forums clean of spammers and other rule breakers. They are also able to Mute, Warn, and Ban players on the forums (yet they are not able to IP ban).

Members- None

V.I.P. (Very Important People) - The players in this group is recognized for doing outstanding works for ‘Time-Scape’ yet they are not any kind of staff. If you see one in-game or on forums, feel free to say ‘thanks’, the roles the players have played are located in the “Staff List” of the front page. Feel free to view in your spare time. They do not have any special abilities.


Username: One

Username: Batosi

Donators- the players in this group have been committed to “Time-Scape” by donating at least $.50 via ‘PayPal’ they also have their own areas accessible by “Donators” only. The following areas are: Mith Dragon Cave, Hell Hound cave, Ice Queen Lair. They also have the ability to access a new shop area which sells a variety of items only obtainable by donators, which are tradable to all players. Please feel free to read the topic in ‘Donators’ about all the special abilities.

This sums it all up, if you have any additional questions about anything regarding Staff Members and special Groups; feel free to ask a staff member.

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Staff Members and other Special Groups
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