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 Forum Rules

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PostSubject: Forum Rules   Forum Rules Icon_minitime12/2/2008, 10:56 pm

Forum Rules

I encourage everyone to read these rules. Please take your time, because this is everyones fair warning. You are not capable of giving the excuse "I did not know that was a rule" because they are posted.

1. No Spamming - There is absolutely no spamming aloud on the Forums. Spamming is making/replying posts with 3 or less words. Such as “Lul” or “AMG”. Or the obvious of posting non-sense, this is ABSOLUTELY not aloud. Please make sure the posts are worth reading. Also there is to be no begging/asking for any staff position. For all of this matter could result in consequences.

2. Offensive Language – Keep language to a minimum, due to the fact there is a few immature kids out there, and they do not know how to go about without “Expressing their Language”. Due to the fact, we have made this rule to put a stop on Jack calling Robert an “F*CKING P*SSY”. Please do remember, this is not taken lightly it will result in an immediate action if misused; for your sake do not use any at all.

3. Account Trading – There is under no circumstances any Account Buying/Trading/Selling to be held of any kind. This could be looked at by many, as a scam. Just play it safe and do not Trade any RS/Xbox/RSPS Accounts of any kind anywhere about on Time-Scape.

4. Post Correctly ]– This rule is made so Johnny doesn’t make a post about his “PKing Vid” in the ‘Donating’ section. This could cause a confusion apon many. For we try our best to keep Time-Scape’s forums clean as possible. Also, if there is a Forum Format for the forum board which you are posting in, then we urge you to use this. For doing so will make the job for staff members A LOT more simple. Remember, you can possibly be muted/banned/warned, for not doing so.

5. Unnecessary Bumping – No unnecessary bumping is allowed. Try to bump once every 24 Hours, this includes no double/triple/quadruple posting. If you accidentally double post, then simply click the “Remove Post” icon.

6. Keep Bugs to yourself – Do not misunderstand this rule. We STRONGLY urge you to tell us about all the bugs you find upon Time-Scape. We DO NOT want you to post anywhere on the Forums, about how the bugs are performed. Simply Private Message a staff member, and someone will notify Matthew ASAP. If you have found a dupe, then please Private Message Matthew or PeeKay right away.

7. No Advertising – There is NO advertising any other RSPS allowed here on Time-scape. This includes no Phishing websites, if you happen to post ANY kind of website that is capable of hacking someone’s password, then you will receive the “IP Ban Hammer”

8. No Pornography – There is NO PORN aloud [Straight porn, gay porn, horse porn, donkey porn, coke bottle porn, NO PORN] … I am sure you know why we have this rule.

If you see anyone abusing the Forum Rules, make sure you report them and their post by clicking the “Report Abuse” icon located to the very right of their post.

If any Staff Members come across data I have left out, be sure to edit it.

I hope this has cleared things up for everyone.

I hope everyone takes this in consideration as this is a Warning, and you now do not have the capability to say “lul amg lyke dood i had lyke noe idea mayne I did nawt knoe dat wuz aginst de rulz!?!?!”. Thanks and enjoy.[/

~Timescape Staff~
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Forum Rules
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